Kati O'Toole

producer, singer/songwriter

Kati O’Toole is a small town Montana girl at heart who has lived all over the country chasing her dreams of recording her songs. Born in 1983 on the Salish and Kootenai Indian Reservation in Montana, O’Toole had a lot of heart to get out of her small setting and approach her music on a larger scale.

Getting a Music Production and Engineering Degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, O’Toole later moved out to Los Angeles to get involved with her music. In Los Angeles, O'Toole has had experiences in all facets of the music industry including touring with major label bands as a keyboardist and backing vocalist, working at the iconic "The Village" recording studios where greats such as Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and countless others have recorded, as well as experience as an independent artist releasing material through her own label.

She has self released and produced her debut “On Ashland” in 2008 as well as an 8 song EP "Snowghost Sessions" through Snowghost Music in 2009. She is in the midst of a 3rd project and has recently released her first single "Gravel Road" independently. O’Toole is a do it yourself kind of girl with the desire to be 100% involved in the makings of her projects. 

She spends most of her time producing for Los Angeles based online recording studio, StudioPros.com. She lives her dream of helping independent songwriters, producers and lyricists turn their ideas into professional recordings every day.

She is a talented pianist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, mandolin, keys) with a indie folk twist and a unique airy voice to match. Her influences would include several artists from the past including Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris and Neil Young, along with current artists including Feist, Regina Spektor and Neko Case.